Upgrading Valkyrs Electrical system

Re-doing the power systems on Valkyr

When we got the boat it had two optima batteries one in the starter bank and one in the house bank. There were two other group 31 Sea Volt AGM batteries sitting on the boat not hooked up. My plan is to use the two group 31 Sea Volt AGM’s along with 2 identical Group 31’s that I have on my old boat to make a house bank of 440 AH. The two optima AGM batteries will go in the second engine starting bank. These are controlled from the stock DC switch panel that has a 1/2/All/Off switch integrated into it.

Head woes!!

I cleaned the head on valkyr this past sunday and fixed the shower sump pump. Head was pretty nasty and I kinda nuked it with oxy clean and then a long soak in vinegar.. :( after I did that it started backflowing badly. Now the bowl fills half way up within 4 minutes or so of pumping it out. I am so tempted to just order a composting head and install it and rip all the head plumbing and tank out.. close off the through hulls and be done with it. I have a friend that he and his wife and two young children live on a 40 ft ketch and that is what they use. 2 years into it and they love it.

It Leaks!!!!!

We were on the boat the other day when all the rain was pouring down. Something was leaking like a sieve on the starboard side of the boat. Another project 🙂

The stanchions could be the problem. On a lot of other Downeaster boats this is a fairly common complaint that they let water follow the bolt through the caprail to the inside of the boat. They don’t actually bolt through the teak cap like I have seen in pictures on other DE’s. They have fiberglass sockets inboard of the caprail that they bolt into. I’m not sure if there is a bolt though the bottom yet. there is one through the side of the fiberglass socket they sit down in. However as much water as was coming into the boat the other day from rain on starboard it could certainly be an issue. I was thinking it might be the coming in around the screws  holding the caprail in place. The teak plugs on 80% of them have come out and I’m thinking that rain is filling the hollows that the plugs were in and then draining down past the screws to the hull.  It was just coming out through the teak strips over the starboard settee shelf and running down the hull there. I plan on pulling the cap rails off over there and taking a look. I will probably pull a couple stanchions at the same time and check them out also.

Engine Filters

here are the only 4 dual products I have been able to find that are specific to the marine industry. Actually they are pretty much the only vendors I can find even in non marine applications.

Griffin GTB228DM-MA dual filter/water seperator…..INE+SERIES you can purchase from

Painting laminate table and galley countertops

This was one of the lost topics when I had to change out the it is with some before and after pictures also.

We are heading to Valkyr this evening to spend the night.. We are going to try some special laminate paint on one of the laminated counter tops to see what we think of a color change from the original brown laminate to an ivory color. We were looking at replacing the laminate with a lighter laminate but this paint looks pretty good on the demo we saw at home depot and only cost $20 for enough that we should be able to do all the laminate surfaces in the boat with it. We figure that since we planned on replacing the laminate anyway that there is no downside to spending $20 dollars to test out just painting it with this new product. We will let everyon

New LED Lights for Valkyr

One of the first things I did on my old boat was replace the existing bulb fixtures with LED light fixtures. It made a huge diffence in my energy budget. I could run 6 led lights and only use the same ammount of or slightly less engergy than one of the old bulbs used. Also there was little to no heat generated by the LED’s which was nice here in South Carolina as it is pretty warm most of the year and it kept a little more heat out of the cabin. The downside of the LED fixtures I got is that they were a cool white color an though they generated a lot of light I never felt comfortable reading by them. I could but you just barely had to strain to do so.