I took this shot with my old and trusty Canon F1. Though a simple photograph it has always to me at least seemed to capture some of the essence of the subject. Also I have always liked the contrast of the bright primary colors in it. To me they definitely enhance rather than detract from the subject. I also really flattened the depth of field to isolate the subject from her surroundings.


 This image was more luck than design. I was at the Zoo with my friends and walked up on steve as he was interacting with this chimpanzee through the glass. I wasn’t sure I would be able to catch him the chimpanzee and the reflection all at the same time. I only had time for two or three quick shots before the moment was gone and this one shot turned out.  Steve’s reflection in the glass almost perfectly mimics the posture of the Chimpanzee,  the angle of his head and how the hands are held. I’ve always thought that this image feels like some kind of reflection of where we come from.. sort of a touching over the ages from the distant past to modern man.  Camera used is a canon s45 digital camera.


This picture was just a cool silhouette of a friend as she was practicing jumping in an inside training arena.. This picture is simply a testimate to dogged persistance. She was doing laps around the arena and every time she would cross the door I would take another shot. Out of the 10 or 15 shots I took to get this single image I liked, I varied the exposures just slightly. Mostly though it was catching a shot where her posture and the horses’ posture were good and I took the shot with them silhouetted.  With them moving at a trot to a canter as they passed the opening, it was harder than I thought to get it right. I was using a canon s45 digital camera and it has just enough lag in the shutter so that I had to try and anticipate the shot rather than take it directly.


This image was taken with my canon s45 using a stock canon underwater housing. Later I took and photoshopped the image to make it black and white with left to right fade out effect. We were diving in a cavern called devils den in the williston area of florida.