Untried but cool looking recipies people have related to me

This page is dedicated to recipes that have been verbally related to me or that I have seen written down by individuals on the Internet in forum chats. None of them have come out of cook books that I am aware of.

Baltic German Leg of Pork.
Trade you recipes. This one is Baltic German from the ethnic Germans that
lived in the Baltic countries prior to the Hitler Stalin Pact for some 400
years. (non political statement just historical context in case anyone is

Take the complete leg of pork from hip to first knuckle, the knee in human
terms, age it, salt it and smoke it over a real fire/smoke house. The entire
process takes a few months. Once done let it sit for a week or two at room
temp just to get the meat nice an mellow, or store it till Christmas if the
timing is right. It will store indefinitely as you know.

Prior to the day of consumption or very early in the morning of the
feast….I don’t know if you can find it in the States but find a bakery
that makes Sweat Sour Rye Bread, that is Rye dough that has been soured and
its rare to find it as it a long and difficult process (dad was a baker in
the old school) Usually a German or some Polish bakers still make it. Get
about 5 lbs of dough in a pail. Once home let it rise, punch it and let it
rise again. Then punch it and spread it out on a floured table large enough
to cover the entire ham leg which is in a pan. Envelope the ham in the dough
and cook at 350-400 for about 6-7 hrs for a 25-30 lbs ham leg. Discard the
bread which by now will fill the entire oven and probably square (no
kidding) as its saturated in fat and now tasteless.

Let the meat rest for a good hour before serving to come to room temp or
above but all the stress is out of the meat, give it time to relax. Carve
and serve with whatever extras you want. At home its was spatzle (German
hand made noodles and red browned and cooked sour kraut with apples) and
lots of Vodka….The Vodka is important, very important as it neutralizes
the fat in the pork which is delicious and stimulates the best conversations
no matter what mood people are in. A good full bodied red wine is also good
but trust me on this one….Vodka is way way better with this meal. Serve it
in European (smaller then NA ones) wine glasses about half full.

What is really cool here is that the smoked ham has absorbed all the flavour
of the soured rye. That combination is to die for…..with lots of Vodka, a
good Polish or Swedish variant is recommended, pending if you like your
vodka from potatoes or grains respectively. The clarity of the drink when
served cold not ice cold just cold balances the heaviness of the meal
superbly. Mouth just waters as I write this and brings back wonderful
memories of Christmas dinner the way it used to be….and will be again some
day…as soon as I can chase down a good pig, slaughter house and smoke
shop. Lots of work but worth all the effort. Serves about 10-15 people
easily so have a party. They knew how to celebrate in the old days, as many
cultures did, let me tell ya..:) Miss that now a days. Everyone is in a
hurry and good conversation is rare and many confuse opinion with
discussion. With discussions everything is fare game independent of your
opinion….just don’t offend someone’s honour (old school stuff)

Just too sit around a table, eat and talk the night away with some good
food, booze and company….one of the great pleasures in life and one of the
other things I love about sailing.. No one is ever in a rush. Who cares what
tomorrow brings, if the weather is bad, toss out another line to secure the
boat and repeat…..heck pray for a Nor Easter when you got this stuff on