Ham Bone Bean Soup “Scott Carle Original”

I have made this a couple times and it comes out great. However I haven’t written down the recipe before so each batch of it has tasted different. This is the best I can do at the moment for remembering what all I put in it over the last couple times I have made it. I will refine this to an exact recipe the next time I make it. I generally freeze several gallons of this in double or triple serving sized packages and we will have it over the next  months to a year when we feel like having some.

The best I can recall the last version had

5 lbs pinto beans
1 lbs black beans
1/2 lb green split peas
1 lb lentil beans
1 lb great white northern beans.

1 8 lb picnic ham (oney cured preferably. cut up in to medium sized chunks
big double handfull of dried mushrooms chopped up very finely for flavor.
Bay leaf or two.
Brown sugar or molassas for flavor and sweetening.

8 or nine cloves of garlic
Pepper and salt
dozen potatoes cut up into 1 inch or larger cubes/chunks. any potatoes will do but I think maybe red potatoes would be best. Whatever potatoes you use don’t peel them just scrub really well. By the time the soup cooks down the potatoes will mostly have turned to mush anyways. This helps give it its thick texture.

5 or 6 large onions cut up in to large chunks 1/8ths maybe.
Couple cans of diced tomatoes?
garlic and herb seasoning.
5 or 6 cans chicken broth? or bullion

hickory smoke flavoring?

Soak beans over night or 6 to 8 hours then drain. Put in 26 quart pot on gas burner on grill and cook for 5 or 6 hours a slow simmer.

Next time I will puree some of the soup and re-add it back to the pot to give it a smoother consistency.