Orphan Star Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Several hours before the fleet entered subspace a meeting was held in one of the crew berths of the Proxima. The room belonged to one of the two assistant engineers present. The other person was one of the passengers who had boarded to go to Adeao.
After a moments silence when he had entered the passenger spoke. “I hope you are good engineers.”
“We are good at many things” One of the crew members answered.”
Turning to the other crew member the passenger continued the recognition and command sequence. “What are you good at?”
The second crewmember finished the sequence as he said “At whatever we are commanded to do.”
The passenger a distinguished looking gentleman with warm brown eves and an engaging grin clapped his hands together “Good let us get to business. There is a passenger who you are to attend to.”
“We’re supposed to protect them?” one of the engineers asked in confusion.
Still smiling pleasantly the passenger replied “No. Your going to kill her.”
Startled into speech the second engineer Said “We’re not
assassins. We were told that…”
With a suddenly upraised hand the passenger stopped him. “I don’t care what you were told. You will do as I say or I will deal with you.” The face still smiled but the eyes looked harder than diamond as he said this. “You both sold your souls to the ISS, and the ISS has given you to me to do with as I will. The director himself ordered this kill, and you will carry it out. Period.”
A shiver of fear ran down the spines of the two agents. To look at the face and eyes of the man sitting across from them was to look at evil incarnate. That he could sit there and smile a smile that made you want to smile back at him and at the same time threaten their lives if they didn’t do as he said was outside their experience, and their experience was wide indeed. The passenger continued “I agree that you’re not assassins you don’t have the nerve or skill needed. However you have killed before. this should be easy for you. The target is and eight year old girl.”
At this the two agents relaxed. with a smile one spoke “Why didn’t you tell us that it would be something easy like that?” With a sudden frown he added. “What if we get caught”
Still smiling his warm friendly smile the passenger only said one word “Don’t”
Weeks passed in which Mason, Hevanti and Lirca became practically inseparable, never noticing that they are being watched. As those same weeks passed the agents became more and more impatient.
haven’~ ~eeSnaa~ st~ to~ro~ either of the adults We

With a smile that did nothing to hide the impatience he felt for their excuses the gentleman agent spoke “I don’t care about your excuses. I want results. If you have to kill all three then do so.”