Old Friend

With head laid down

Dream in dark of night

Visit that grim old friend

Sit and talk till dawn

Wake with memory but an ache

And then one day to see his card in light of day

A card that says I’ve come and gone,

But I’ll be back to visit you when you’re awake

No recollection of who has left their card

In the past, in dark of night, he went from shadow to

Gave no mane and showed no face

Like a wraith unseen in light of day

But with each days passing, substance gained

Until one day there’ll be a knock

And then to face your old friend

To know the name of who in past’

Came in dreams, tween dusk and sawn

You’ll see his face in light of day

Where with memory unfogged you’ll recall

the name of him who came at night, and wish him gone

That now you could forget, forget the name of loneliness