New Line Clutches

Well I got several things done today…. finally got starboard upgraded to 4 spinlocks 🙂 all I have left is now getting my organizers from 3 sheave to 6 so that I can run the 4th and 5th lines correctly back to the spinlocks and cam cleat.. oh cam cleat still to be installed on starboard also.

This picture shows the old mounting holes that I filled with epoxy.. I will need to take an impression of some of the non skid area to make a mold so that next time im doing some jelcoat repair I can cover where the holes and that mess are with non skid texture to match the surrounding areas.. the piece of paper is my template that I made to drill the new holes.
I moved the clutches back about 6 inches to maintain strength and also to not let my angle from the new clutch get too sharp. It is recomended not to exceed 10 degrees


Here are the remounted clutches.. They mounted to the new holes perfectly and I had no problems getting to them from below to put the nuts on the bolts.

This was done yesterday and today I re-ran all my lines for the outhaul and reefing lines and it all worked like a charm… I actaully put the sail up and then tested the flatenning reef, the first reef and the second reef by putting them in and out…. everything worked well.. very nice sail shape with all of them.