Port and starboard cam cleats

I installed a new cam cleat on the starboard cabin top for the new topping lift I installed in the mast. I used it this weekend sailing and it works like a champ. I also replaced the old cam cleat on the port side cabin top. It was getting old and the bearings in it were crumbling away.

It was not easy installing the new one on starboard.. I couldn’t reach where the bolts came down through the cabin top. It was several inches up under the fiberglass headliner. In the end I drilled a couple 5/8ths inch holes through the headliner to get the nuts on the bolts coming down from above. The replacement one on port was also difficult to get to the nuts on it because of the headliner.. However I was able to flex it down and use a needle nose pair of vise grips to grab them and then unscrew the bolt from above.. Time to install starboard one 1.5 hours… it was a bear even with the holes in the headliner.. Time to replace port one about 20 minutes.. though not easy it went in quickly. I bedded both of them with 3M 4200. Oh and in case you are wondering the one on port is used for the spinnaker pole lift.