Valkyr a Downeaster 38 Cutter

Well  we are officially going to buy Valkyr a Downeast 38 from Angela and it looks like we will take possession sometime this coming spring when she heads off on her motorcycle trip. We are really excited and a bit trepidatious.  It is a huge step forward in the dream of living on a boat and going cruising. However it is a big commitment getting a 38 ft boat. It is a huge step up from Sea Puppy at 23.5 ft long. Sea Puppy weights in at 3800 lbs or so and Valkyr weighs in at 25,000 or 26,000 lbs with all gear and everything on board. So even though Valkyr is only 15.5 ft longer than sea puppy (less than double the length) in reality Valkyr is between 7 and 8 times larger. All the gear is much bigger and more expensive. We have saved up the money to buy her from Angela already and are now working on saving to get her some needed or wanted upgrades.

Here are a few pictures of Valkyr and here is a Video of  Valkyr