Garmin GPS/Sounder

I finished running the wires for the GPS sounder.. The GPS antenna wire from the transom took a hole in the transom and then one in the bulkhead at the back of the chart table to run.

The cable from the Depth Sounder transducer took three holes through the galley cabinates to run beside the battery cables. I ended up mounting the transduce inside the boat just ahead of the older thru hull sending units for the depth finder and knot meter.. I just took 2 part epoxy and glued it down.. it seems to be working fine. Gives a very clear bottom line. 🙂 I need to read the manual a couple more times though to learn how to set all the options and use them.

I will finish this with some pictures and description of the rest of the work I have done later.

ok pictures are up and here we go.

This is a picture of the GPS antenna and how it goes through the transom


The transducer was a transom mount one but because the flange where the transom and hull meet wouldn’t allow it to mount properly I just epoxied it to the hull right in front of where the other instruments through hulls are. it is solid fiberglass and it seems to read fine through it.




The wires aft from the transom and forward from the transduser




and back of gps/sounder unit wire coming up the bulkhead


The finished product as seen from the cockpit