Changed Masthead Light To LED Bulbs

For some reason I thought I had written up the story of me going up the mast and fixing the topping lift and replacing the bulbs in the perko masthead light with LED bulbs. I couldn’t find them by searching on the site so I grabbed what I had written on and am posting it back to my site.

Sea Puppy has a perko mast head light unit. It has two bulbs one for steaming and uses two for anchor. I just used two bayonet 12 led bulbs that are a bulb for bulb replacement for the stock bulbs size wise… I was worried that It would not give me enough light compared to the old bulbs but it seems to work.. a friend out with me at night on the ocean this past week when looking or it could see them from 3 or 4 miles away with no problem he said.
Each of the new bulbs draws about 260 millamps so between the two I think about a half amp total compared to the 1 1/2 amps the two old bulbs used. is the link to the bulbs
it is the two face 12 led bulb at the top of the page.. 11.99 apiece. The 31 millimeter is the size that replaces the perko fitting I have.

my unit:

its about 50dollars from westmarine but i have seen the same unit new on ebay for around 30 dollars.

I put the bulbs in while up the mast and they just clicked right in no problem. However test them before coming down and they have to be oriented correctly. They are polarity sensitive.