In my early teens I went through a period of time when I always had a sketch pad with me and was doing color pencil drawings or charcoal sketches. Here are a few of the drawings that have survived from then that I have digitized.

This picture like many others has a outer space/alien theme. To this day I am still an avid reader of SciFi and Fantasy books.

Alien World

Continuing with the outer space theme we move on from aliens to space battles. This picture probably predates the above by about a year or so. I was 13 when I drew it on Jan 28, 1980. It was almost exactly 28 years ago.

Starship Battle Over Saturn

This next drawing was done the day before the above. I must have been on a role.

Star Gazer

This is the last in the surviving sci fi theme drawings. It was most likely done at age 14 or so.

Rocky City

Here is a series of drawings that showed my interest in the ocean and in scuba diving. To this day I still have this fascination. Instead of drawings, I now do underwater photography and scuba diving. I also have and sail my own sailboat. The ocean never did lose the pull it has on me.

This was a charcoal beach scene I did. A bit dark and stormy.But I would be willing to bet it was a good reflection of my mood at the time I drew it. Maybe a bit melancholy.

Charcoal beach scene

Next up is a charcoal drawing of a square rigged sailing ship struggling in a storm. Again the fascination with all things nautical has only grown as I have gotten older. I now have my own sailboat and hopefully one day will get a larger boat that I can live on as I visit different parts of the world on it.
Ship in storm

We move onto my fascination of underwater subjects. During this time period some of my favorite books were stories of diving and underwater cities. Years later I made my dream of learning to scuba dive come true. For a few years I even made my living doing commercial scuba diving.
underwater hunting

Underwater city. This picture actually spanned two sheets of paper. I have simply put the images side by side to show it how it was drawn. At resolutions below 1024×768 the images will not show up side by side but one over the other.

underwater city 1 underwater city 2

I have always like growing things. Funnily enough I never grow or have a desire to grow flowers but I liked drawing them and I still like to take pictures of them. This drawing below is actauly a painting not a drawing. I believe It was done in water colors. Asvivid as the colors are it might will have been acrylics.

One other drawing that survived to be digitized.

flowers 2

The next few drawings were more technique driven in that I was experimenting with perspective and illusion for the sake of experimentation.

Is it the outside of a square box or the inside of a corner.

optical illusion

optical illusion 2

In this picture I was playing with perspective and vanishing points


The last picture was a bit of angst over my relationship with god at the time. To be honest its hard remembering after all these years but there was a lot of normal teen angst mixed in there also.


These are all the drawings and such from back then that have survived or that I have found. All of the ones on this page were done from about age 12 to 15.