Over the last few years as digital cameras have advanced in features I have gotten to enjoy taking video clips with my cameras. The resolution isn’t the greatest but it is still adequate to do some fun clips. I would love to move up to a true HD/DVD quality video camera with an under water housing but that is still in the future. The two cameras I have used to produce video are a 4 mega pixel canon S45 and a 10 mega pixel canon A640. You will be able to see a major difference in quality between video done with the old S45 and the newer A640.

These video clips are already posted on various pages of the weblog but I am going to link to them here also.

Hopefully soon I will get up a long mini movie from this past Novembers Stede Bonnet Race in Southport. everyone that has seen the work in progress version has loved it. ( I finally got the video finished. Talk about a lot of work. 14 minutes of video which took about 2 hours of editing for every minute of video.)

Stede Bonnet 2007 Race Weekend Video

I combined some video I had taken with the S45 about a year ago with some video taken with the A640 just this past November. You will be able to tell which was which. The A640 has much higher resolution and frame rate than the S45. The goal for this video was simply as a gift to my friend Angela by doing a sort of mini sailing video of her boat Valkyr. After all was said and done and I had given Angela a copy of it. I noticed a few spelling errors and such.. I take full responsibility for them 🙂

Valkyr a Downeaster 38

The dolphin video is a older one taken with my Canon S45 one winter day a couple years ago. I was on Jays Juneau 43, Walkabout, heading out the inlet to go sailing with Jay. The video quality is definitely not the best but the subject matter taken with the sound track still make it a fun clip. Be warned it feels fairly long as there is not a lot of action going on.

Dolphin video

This video was done prior to the Valkyr video by about a year. I used a few of the same video clips in it that were in the Valkyr video. I like this video but I think my editing skills and choreography are a bit better in the later valkyr one. This clip is also all done with the Canon S45

feb 24 2007 video