Fire Dreams

I sit in front of the fire and dream upon the flames.

I dream of warmth, a caress upon the skin.

Of light that flickers on my face, a tender touch so soft.

Sit beside me and dream a dream

Make a wish upon the flame.

See a dream dance and leap in fire.

A phoenix’s wings to warm your soul, a lovers embrace to heat your blood and hold your heart.

Gaze with me into the flames while holding hands to dream a dream or two.

Fire’s crackle and pop a tale of warmth and peace as evenings shadows fall all around.

A pool of light that flickers here then there upon us both.

That spreads it’s arm around us and holds the world away, the chill of night at bay

No sound but flames, a quiet sigh. Yours? Mine? The fires?
We can not tell.
We do not care.
It does not matter.

What dreams will come and go in flames.
Which ones are yours?
Which ones are mine?
Which ones are ours?

Will we remember those dreams when flames fall and chill night creeps in, to wake us from that dream.

I think I will remember a dream to carry me through the night and day till once more with you I sit in front of flames and dream a dream of peace and quiet.

Until I sit hand in hand with you.

Until we dream a Fire Dream again.