Extension Cord Woe’s

So someone asked me about what I use for an extension cord on the boat because of a comment I had made about having the perfect one. Everyone knows what a pain extension cords are. They are constantly getting tangled and snarled up, they are a pain to coil back up after using them, they are a pain to un-snarl and pull them out of the cockpit locker after they have become wrapped around every other thing in there. Last but not least is that you can only plug one thing into a standard extension cord. I am constantly having to switch between a drill and a sander or router etc… It just slows stuff down.

Herb Garden Walkway

I spent some time yesterday working on the herb garden walkway that comes off the back porch and wraps around the herb/kitchen garden.

This morning it is starting to look nicer as the concrete dries and the colors get to be a closer match.


Its about 75% complete now and starting to look pretty good. I have mixed dyed about 10 80lb bags of concrete so far to make the flagstones in the pictures. Having a cement mixer makes this doable. I wouldn’t even want to imagine what mixing it all by hand would be like.

Update on the chain hoist

Well finally with some help, I drug out the chain hoist frame and welded it back together on friday morning and then on monday afternoon we took the van and pulled up upright.. there are still two welds to do and it needs to be painted around the welds and where we ground the paint off for the welders ground connnection but it is basically ready to go into use..

here are some pictures of welding it up and pulling it upright


Green House Geodesic Dome

I found the plans on the internet for building a green house using pvc pipe based on a geodesic pattern. The materials that I have used building it so far are five 20ft lengths of 1 inch pvc at about $7.50 per piece. I also bought one extra piece to rip into lengths to use to attach the plastic to the finished structure. So I will end up with 45 dollars worth of pvc in the finished green house. I also used ten 4.5 inch long 1/4 inch galvanized bolts washers and and nuts for about 4 dollars and change. I will be reusing the torn plastic off the old green house to put on the new one.