So So Solar

I am about 1 week into using the new solar panels and charge controller and while they are working, I am not getting the amount of power I had hoped to get. Here is the production over the last 10 days. Now I have to admit that it has been overcast and cloudy to downright stormy on some of these days but I figure that is real world  and I was hoping the real world would be a bit better. I am going to need to produce more than double this consistently every single day to keep up with my projected power usage. If i have a couple stormy days I will be in trouble. With the rest of the solar installed I should be doing ok but I can now see that I need a wind generator also. The max battery voltage is off on a couple days as I turned the shore power on to top the battery bank off. The days where I only produced 220, 160 and 530 watt hours. Right now all that is running off of 12 volt is the propane solinoid, 6 12 volt fans, 12 led lights, and the fridge. I still have to add all the 120 loads through the inverter and the 12v freezer that is running on 110 right now. The freezer will add another 24 to 50 amp/hrs a day and the rest of the stuff an easy 200 a day. If we don’t cut down our usage drastically.