High Tech Towels

We were having space storage issues with our regular towels as well as them staying damp forever. I did a lot of reading of reviews on a lot of brands of the new high tech towels and finally came down to the Discovery Trecking brand. They were very expensive and the only reason we ended up getting them was a gift card we got.

We bought 5 of them and it is all we have used now for the last 6 months or more. We purchased the largest size they had and it is huge. I probably would have tried the next size down if I had known how huge these are.


The Good

  • 5 of these take the same amount of storage space as one of our cotton towels did.
  •  Even as big as these towels are you can fold/roll one up small enough to stick in a pocket.
  • These towels are also the silver treated anti-microbial kind that don’t grow mildew.
  • We just wash and dry them with the rest of the cloths and they seem to take it just fine.
  • Using them is a bit different than a normal towel. they sort of stick to your skin as your trying to wipe yourself off and end up kind of just rolling over your skin. You get used to it and I think it works as well if not better than normal. It’s kinda freaky amazing how dry they will get you with just a single swipe. If you give three or four really good rubs to your head it leaves your hair very dry also. 🙂 assuming you have short hair like me I guess.


The Negative

  • The negative is the cost. They are expensive comparatively. We bought our very nice thick cotton towels from a guy selling them in at a flea market for 2 dollars each. You can get cheap wall mart towels for 4 or 5 dollars. I just hope these last for years seeing we laid out about 130 dollars for all 5 of them.

Conclusion 🙂

So far we are very very happy with these towels. They dry us very well, they dry out very fast, they haven’t ever gotten a mucky odor and they take up very little space.

Here is a link to where we bought them on amazon. Given the free shipping they ended up cheaper from there than anywhere else at the time we bought them.

 Discovery Trecking Towels


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