Seasonic Platinum Power Supply

Seasonic Platinum Power Supply


I have been using this power supply now for about 6 months and it is amazing.. it runs cool all the time. It barely feels warm to the touch on the case where it is mounted. It also does an amazing job at keeping the overall system power usage down. With this power supply my average power usage for the computer itself, not counting the monitor or any peripherals, is about 17 watts of power. This is for an i7 3770T processor, 32 gigs of ram, 2 3tb hard drives, 2 ssd drives, 1 ssd pcie card with OS on it and 2 DVD writers. Doing anything intensive like a movie or rendering will bump it up to about 25 watts. Just browsing the web and normal stuff stays between 15 and 17 watts as measured by apc ups that gives wattage readings of the load it is under.

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