Sunday Sailing

What an awesome morning. I sat in the cockpit with a mug of hot tea and for a very quiet and calm morning start. A little bit later Patty and Jeff showed up on Pirate Girl and I tied them off behind me and went over and had breakfast with them. After Breakfast they took off and headed home. They had had a rough night anchored offshore when the winds kicked up into the low 20knt range.

I sailed off the anchor with just the main up. 🙂 I am really enjoying working on my engineless sailing skills. Each time I do this it gets easier and I get more confident in being able to cope with an engine out issue.

The morning winds were great and I headed out by myself for 3 or 4 miles and then headed back toward the inlet. As I got back closer I saw LC Marie, Jerrys boat. I tacked over and headed over to her. She was moving right along but I was able to catch up and talk to them. Billy was onboard. It was good to see him out on the water. I got a few pictures and some movie footage.

Billy on the side decks

Jerry scaring some fish 🙂

LC  Marie

Just to let you know who really owns and is captain of LC Marie.

Go Murphy 🙂

Short clip of video I put togother of LC Marie. I Thought I had more but I guess I didn’t. Next time I will take some more of it.

LC Marie Video

Video of me motoring back into the inlet under power. Engine running at WOT at 4300 rpm. engine running video

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