Evening of the 4th of July

The night of the 4th this month we went out and anchored out but we left late from the dock.. maybe 9pm… it was very very dark (no moon at all) and all the idiots on the water kept trying out their 10 million candle power spot lights directly on us.

We got about 3/4 of the way to the inlet and were winding through  an area just past the calabash crossroads when the water depth started dropping and dropping… I thought I was in the middle of the channel when just to starboard the red dayboard marker slid by. This is the dayboard marker that when your on the other side of it you stay about 100 feet away not to get into to shallow water. I was between it and the bank of the island. It passed about 10 feet away on starboard and we could barely see it. Combination of just plain dark dark and our eyes getting blasted by multi million candle power lights.

Water depth on the fish finder hit 3 ft.. 🙁 but we slowed down and moved right through. didn’t even touch. At that point I gave up on being polite and got my 2 million candle power obnoxious spot light and start using it. mostly on markers but also returning fire on boats that thought it fun to shine theirs on us.

I have drooled over the big monster 10 million candle power model I have seen.. I think you could probably sink a jet ski with it in broad daylight 🙂 be fun to try.. or at least blind the driver 🙂

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