Waities Island playing

Miriam and the kids went out with me today and we motored out to Waities Island and anchored near shore. The kids had been wanting to go putt putt golfing but I didn’t go along with that. I know how much they like it but I really wanted to spend as much time on Sea Puppy as I could before she comes out of the water next week. It ended up being one of those glittering days that all goes well on. William and Emily had a great time playing on the beach at Waities. I played with them some and the rest of the time spent scraping Sea Puppys bottom. Over all she was really clean. Nothing but a handful of barnacles. I ended up snorkling with a the while plastic handle that heavy duty scrubby pads come glued to. I had one I was going to wipe the bottom with but the glue fell apart in the sun while in the cockpit. The plastic scraper I had bought, broke within a few minutes and Miriam had started using the handle. It worked great. Protected the hand and was hard enough to scrape with but malleable enough to not break.

The water was great.. Warm and with the incoming tide it even cleared up bit so you could see under water

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