Stede Bonnet 2007 Video

Ok everyone.. the mythical 2007 Stede Bonnet video that I have been talking about is finally done. After 20+ man hours of editing, weird technical difficulties etc… it is finally here. So enjoy. For those of you that were there if you want the large high quality version let me know and I will get you a cd or dvd with it on it. That version is a little big to stream from the web.

Update.. later the same day… ok I really didn’t like the small version of the film.. to much detail and quality was lost and it was still 26 megs in size.. given that only people with broadband are going to be able to see it anyway I’m bumping the quality up significantly. It is now 640×480 and 30 frames a second and 68 megs in size.. much much better. If you have a dial up connection and want to see this then you should probably just click the download link before going to bed and watch it on your computer in the morning. With middle of the road DSL it streams very well for me. So anyone with a decent cable modem or DSL connection should be able to view it fine.

Video of Angela’s Downeaster 38 “Valkyr”

I hope you enjoy the video. I had fun putting it together from some old video I had taken one day while out sailing beside Valkyr and some I just recently took while crewing on Valkyr.

You can download and play a full size version of this video by clicking on the download link


Video of Valkyr a Downeaster 38

Tohatsu outboard problems

Well I guess its official.. my new outboard is not running right. I showed my video (Tohatsu outboard video) to Tohatsu USA and Vic who I spoke with told me to take it to a service center.. he thinks its in the ignition.. I will say this… Tohatsu USA has been really responsive to my calls and questions. Its not fixed yet but to date I’m really happy with their customer support. They pick the phone up and talk to you right away and Vic who I have been dealing with has been really helpful.

Breaking in new engine day three

I have finished the break in period… I took the boat out again with Patty and Jeff after running it for a while at the dock to finish up the break in period. I don’t know if something is wrong with the engine or what but it doesnt perform as strongly as my old 4hp 2 stroke. It also has a lot of vibration. I have talked with tohatsu and am going to take it into the local service center and let them take a look at it. The guy at tohatsu said if it isn’t getting up to the top end rpms it is supposed to be then it could be the timing advance having problems in the electronic ignition. They have seen this before. Or that I possibly need to get a lower pitched prop. The one on there is a 7.7 inch 8 pitch prop. I can go down all the way to a 7.9 inch prop with a 6 pitch.
here is a video of the engine running at the dock.

Static thrust test on Sea Puppy

Ok I have recieved the inline scale I purchased and have tested for static lbs of thrust that my 4hp johnson outboard provides on my sailboat. The scale is rated from 1 lb to 3000 lbs in 1 lb increments with a digital readout and is certified. I tested three times to make sure it was consitent. I also created a bridle from the aft deck cleats to tie the scale to so that thrust was measured by pulling on a line that ran down the center of the boat from the bow to the center of the transom.
at an idle 15 lbs of thrust +- 1 lb
at half throttle 60 lbs of thrust +- 2 lbs
at full throttle it varied by about 10 lbs ranging from 120 lbs of thrust to 130 lbs of thrust. This was not a variation from one test to the next but a variation within each of the three tests while at full throttle.

Sailing on Walkabout

Went out today with Jay on Walkabout.. what a gorgeous day.. so bright and clear it almost hurt with the temperature hitting the high 70’s. We were only going to go out for about 2 hours. 6 hours later we get back…. Just awesome day.. 12 knots of wind and flat seas..
I took lots of video with my digital camera.. we saw dolphins several times during the day for extended periods.. once I download the video I will edit it and post a short movie clip. Dolphin video

Sailing Sea Puppy

feb 24 2007 video
I took Sea Puppy out today and sailed about 6 miles down the coast and back. Conditions were about 9 to 10 knots of wind and 1 ft seas. Wind from the S/SE and seas from the N/NE. Ben took out Winds of Freedom and Angela had Valkyr out also. Needless to say Ben walked away from Angela and I as if we were standing still. A beneteau First 36.7 is a fast boat points like a banshee. It was unreal watching him pointing higher and going much faster than either of us could go. It almost looked like he was sailing in much different wind than us. On the other hand Valkyr and Sea Puppy amazingly seem to in that wind range have very similar performance. Valkyr is a Down East 38 so she has a much longer waterline and with the cutter rig a lot of sail area, on the other hand she is a heavy cruising boat. Upwind I can almost hang with her. I can point higher than she can but at a cost of about a 1/4 knot of speed compared to her. On the same heading upwind I was maintaining speed as long as I was hand steering. Using the autopilot slowed me down enough that she would creep ahead. ( the auto pilot was doing a lot of work correcting the course because of the seas being following seas. I could adjust for this better than the autopilot.) On the way back in running down wind Sea Puppy just zipped home. We walked away from Valkyr at a steady clip. The weight on Valkyr really started to count against her as apparent wind dropped off downwind.

Sailing on Walkabout 1-28-07

I went out with Jay on Walkabout yesterday..Walkabout Video It was a blast.. there was a small craft advisory but for us it was flat waters because the wind was out of the north and with 12 to 20 knots of wind we were hauling butt… average over the water speeds of 8.5 knots with us hitting 9.7 knots once or twice.

I decided to play with some video I had taken with my camera (canon s45 4mp digital) and compile a little movie. 🙂 here it is. Walkabout Video