Wooden Boat Race

Spent the night on Walkabout. Jay and Barbara invited me and Zsanic to stay on their boat while we were up in southport instead of staying on La Bon Vie. Being a bigger boat and with less people spread out it was nice. 🙂 also the air conditioning didn’t hurt.

We helped Jay bring Walkabout to the fuel dock in the morning but had issues with the prop. He just about didn’t have any maneuverability because of the oyster and barnacle growth on the 3 bladed prop. The water is very clean compared to the Cokina Harbor back in little river so I volunteered to go look at the prop after we got to the fuel dock. It was bad. There was about one inch of solid oysters on each side of all the blades. Instead of pushing the boat forward as the blades cut through the water it was more like the prop was a rough club just beating the water. We couldn’t find a decent scraper so jay handed down the stainless barbecue spatula. It actually worked better than any other scraper I have ever tried to use. The big long handle gave  you a good grip and allowed  you to keep your hands farther away from the oysters, and the big spatula end did a great job of scraping the oysters and barnacles off and stood up the the hard pounding of driving it along the blades and against the hard shells. Afterward the difference in maneuvering and handling was amazing.

Stede Bonnet 2007 Video

Ok everyone.. the mythical 2007 Stede Bonnet video that I have been talking about is finally done. After 20+ man hours of editing, weird technical difficulties etc… it is finally here. So enjoy. For those of you that were there if you want the large high quality version let me know and I will get you a cd or dvd with it on it. That version is a little big to stream from the web.

Update.. later the same day… ok I really didn’t like the small version of the film.. to much detail and quality was lost and it was still 26 megs in size.. given that only people with broadband are going to be able to see it anyway I’m bumping the quality up significantly. It is now 640×480 and 30 frames a second and 68 megs in size.. much much better. If you have a dial up connection and want to see this then you should probably just click the download link before going to bed and watch it on your computer in the morning. With middle of the road DSL it streams very well for me. So anyone with a decent cable modem or DSL connection should be able to view it fine.

Stede Bonnet

Well the sad truth is that I didn’t take a single solitary picture out on the water during the race. 🙁 however here a few from before and after the race.

Angela talking to Jerry and his crew of pirates on Independence his catalina 36


Miriam the  pirate babe on the dock.


Miriam and Dave



the dread pirates Carle and Simms in a standoff.


Pirate Captn. Batchelder.


2007 Sept 22 racing on la Bon Vie

We went out Saturday and raced. What a gorgeous day. We came in second on the first race and won the second race. There weren’t many of us out there but it was some tight racing. It was challenging on the starting line with some close maneuvering for advantage and rounding the pins/buoys during the race seemed to see us neck and neck there. The first race we were about 3 feet behind LC Marie come in across the finish line.

I got some pictures of LC Marie during the second race when she got frisky with a pin and it decided to go with her 🙂

On la Bon Vie again

I went out this past saturday and raced on la Bon Vie againn. This time the wind was pretty light and the smaller boats were able to keep up. 🙂 But it was a fun day sailing. We were supposed to have a hurricane coming ashore the next day but  it ended up turning north and we had beautifull blue skies with light winds.

Racing on LaBonVie

I got to go sailing with Capt’n O on La BonVie his Beneteau Oceanus 39 in the race last week. It was a very good day sailing.

Flat seas with 8 to 12 knots of wind we moved right along. 1st in the first race and 2nd in the second race.

Breck on Runnaway had a great day.. he came in second and then first in the first and second races respectively. Cleaning the bottom on his boat and getting the new fully battened main really have made a difference in his boats speed and pointing ability.

2007 June 16th race to Murrells Inlet

Well we were supposed to race to Murrells Inlet on saturday but for one reason or another it didn’t happen. Everyone else bailed and decided to do a Sherman and back race instead of going to Murrels inlet except me on Sea Puppy and Patty & Jeff on Pirate Girl. We left around 8 in the morning and once out on the ocean there was no wind. So we decided forget the race we will just motor for a while till the wind comes up.. 2 hours later “no wind”. Patty decided she didn’t want to motor all the way to murrels inlet and I went along with it as at this point I was just happy hanging out with her and Jeff. We were about 10 miles down the coast line from Little River Inlet and 3 miles off shore. We just anchored there. It was about 36 ft of water and the water was very clear. I almost went swimming to give the bottom of the boat a scrubbing but I got lazy. We were going to raft up but even the very light swell was making them rock to much so we just tied me off of Pirate Girls stern about 20 ft behind her. It was a great afternoon of lazy 🙂 We ate and kicked back under tarps for shade and read  and napped. Jeff rigged up a seat cushion on the end of a line to float watermelon over to me. A good time was had by all.

NC/SC Govenors Cup

We we raced Saturday in the NC/SC Governors cup and placed 2nd in cruising class. What that means is that Al who I whupped up on a week before racing whupped up on me two races in a row 🙂  The other boat racing in cruising had to turn back before the start of the races as they lost all electrical power and couldn’t turn their engine off because they wouldn’t have been able to get it started again.

I forgot my camera so there are no pictures to share until Mathew  gets me some of the ones he took while we were out there. Mathew and Chapel graciously came aboard at the last minute to be crew for me so that I wouldn’t have to race alone 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed their company for the day 🙂

Memorial Day Weekend Saturday Racing

Saturday morning was beautiful also.. With the sun rising over Bird Island.


By 9am I was out on the ocean sailing.. I went out a couple miles and then back to make the 11 am start for the race. In racing class were Tenor the new beneteau 10R and TeeSzu. In Cruising class were Runnaway, Sea Puppy and Achilles Heel.

I had a really good day racing. I hit the start just right and sailed well against Runnaway and Achilles Heel. Unfortunately Runaway had to DNF and go back in before they finished the race. I think I would have beat them but at the point they turned around at they were only about a minute behind me. Unusually, I ran away from Achilles Heel on the upwind leg of the race, as normal I rapidly opened up the distance even more on the downwind leg. On a 4 mile course I owe them 4 minutes but since I came in about 9 minutes ahead of them I think I won that one 🙂 Normally once the handicap is taken into account Achilles Heel has historically run really close to me with us passing each other in the standings on a regular basis.

First Race of 2007 season

I took sea puppy out with a new crew member today for the first race. Elizebeth did great.. She didn’t get sea sick and was handling lines and helping by the end of the day.
We really didn’t put a huge ammount of effort into the  two races but we took 2nd place in both. We also did very well off the start line both races.

November 18th, 2006 Solo on Sea Puppy

It was a race day today but only me and Ben showed up to race. Ben took out his new boat, Winds of Freedom, a Beneteau F36.7. Well regardless of the rest of the slackers in the sailing club we went out. Ben with his 6 or 7 crew persons and me all by my lonesome. I tried to convince him to loan me some crew but he’s as hard hearted a pirate as ever lived 🙂

He went and topped off fuel or some such and I headed out for the Inlet. I hung out till he got there and then we headed for the Sherman, a wreck about 6 miles offshore.

2006 Nov 4 Saturday Sailing and racing

I went out by myself today… It was a race day on the club scheadule but me and Patty are the only ones that showed up to the captains meeting. Oh well.. we both went out and since we had two boats we tried to see who could go faster 🙂 so I guess we raced. 🙂 there is some argument as to wether she won once and I won once or wether we raced in seperate divisions (racing and cruising) so both won. 🙂 I think since her PHRF is 140 or so that she is in racing and I’m in crusing at 194 or so 🙂

We had a great time. With north winds around 15 gusting to maybe 20 and 3 ft seas it was a beautifull blue sky day. After sailing we went back and tied up at Poo’s and got a bite to eat. Mostly because there was only 3.8 ft of water in Pattys marina and she had to wait for the tide to come back in a bit before she could get into her slip.