2007 September 12th Sailing

Went out on Pirate Girl today and sailed around for a bit. Wind was light and started dieing though so we ended up coming in early.. still it was a nice day on the water. Saw Runaway out on the water and Lee on his boat also

Patty Steering


Jeff Being lazy 🙂


Me steering on the way back in.


2007 June 16th race to Murrells Inlet

Well we were supposed to race to Murrells Inlet on saturday but for one reason or another it didn’t happen. Everyone else bailed and decided to do a Sherman and back race instead of going to Murrels inlet except me on Sea Puppy and Patty & Jeff on Pirate Girl. We left around 8 in the morning and once out on the ocean there was no wind. So we decided forget the race we will just motor for a while till the wind comes up.. 2 hours later “no wind”. Patty decided she didn’t want to motor all the way to murrels inlet and I went along with it as at this point I was just happy hanging out with her and Jeff. We were about 10 miles down the coast line from Little River Inlet and 3 miles off shore. We just anchored there. It was about 36 ft of water and the water was very clear. I almost went swimming to give the bottom of the boat a scrubbing but I got lazy. We were going to raft up but even the very light swell was making them rock to much so we just tied me off of Pirate Girls stern about 20 ft behind her. It was a great afternoon of lazy 🙂 We ate and kicked back under tarps for shade and read  and napped. Jeff rigged up a seat cushion on the end of a line to float watermelon over to me. A good time was had by all.

Pirate Girl Sailing

I went out with Patty and Jeff today on Pirate Girl (beneteau 323). I really like how she handles.. you can set the sails and she will steer herself forever in flat seas. So far every Beneteau I have been on sails well. I’m sure there are some that are not a good as others and I will readily admit to only having sailed on 5 or so, but all those have been a pleasure to sail. She also has a nice size cocpit and if you sitting leaning back against the cabin sides facing aft the angle on the cabinsides makes for a very comfortable rest. I like the cabin also just for the headroom.. most of it is 6ft.. I don’t have to do the duck thing in the main cabin.

Swimming in the marina :)

Patty dropped her second radio in the water yesterday.

I put fins and a mask on and went looking for it today but it must be one of the lighter ones that the current could drag off. She dropped it in about 9 ft of water so it should have been right there. I spent about 10 minutes doing sweeps under her boat and the dock but did not find it.

At about  10 minutes in the water it went from burning cold  to starting to feel  warmer 🙂 so I knew my time in the water was up. Full on hypothermia is not a good thing to get so i popped out and got dry and then slugged back a big mug of hot apple cider.  I was right as rain in just a couple minutes after that. I also put one of those hand warmers in my shoe, that helped my body warm back up also.

2006 November 15th on Pirate Girl

After a rocky start getting out of the slip 🙂  ( there was a really wicked current and wind both blowing Pirate Girl torward the dock and pilings where she ties up.) we motored out to the inlet and had a nice sail. No crazyness just smooth sailing. We had a beam reach on a heading of 180 out of the inlet and ran out about 6nm before turning around and beam reaching back in.

Coming back into the dock we had current and wind pushing us around but Patty backed us in perfectly the first time. Nice job!!

2006 september 24th on pirate girl

My engine is still not working so I went sailing with Patty on Pirate Girl. Winds were blowing 15 to 20 knots and seas were 3 feet or so… maybe 5 feet in the jetties as we went out.

We only put the main and jib out about half way and still were averaging 5.5 to 7 knots depending on the point of sail.

Pirate Girl is kinda like sailing a bigger version of Sea Puppy… Pirate Girl is a Beneteau 323 and Sea Puppy is a Beneteau First 235.

We didn’t stay out long only sailed for a couple hours. The tide was dropping and even with a 4 ft 9 inch draft pirate girl is having problems getting in and out of Mariners point and her slip there. We barely scraped in an hour an a half before low tide and had to pull the boat into the slip from the dock the last 15 feet or so, as she was dragging in the mud.

Racing on Pirate Girl 7-22-06

Sea Puppy still has her mast down so I went out with Patty on Pirate Girl her Beneteau 323. I was a fairly stiff day with winds between 18 to 22 knots and seas running between 4 and 6 feet. We reefed both the main and the jib to about 1/2 to 2/3 normal sail area and pirate girl just flew. It was just Patty, Mirriam and Me on the boat so we were all kept busy with tacking around the course but it was definately easier than WeBeJamming which is about the same size but lacks the self tailing winches and furling main and jib.

Sailing on Pirate Girl

I went out on Pirate Girl today with Patty, Cary, and Mike. I was a beautifull day sailing… We went out a few miles and back and on a beam reach in 11 or 12 knots of wind were able to not let Breck catch us in Runnaway. There is definately something wrong with Pirate Girls knotmeter it showed 4 to 4.5 knots top boat speed when we had to have been averaging about 6.5. Breck in runnaway said they were doing 6 to 7.5 and were unable to catch up to us.

Pirate Girl 7-2-06

We took Pirate Girl out today. Han’s his sister Lisi, Cary, Patty and me. It was a nice day sailing. Maybe 11 knots of wind and low seas. Everyone else was out also. 🙂 Jerry on LC Marie with Richard crewing, Orrin had La Bon Vie out, Diamond Girl was out and also Lickety Split.. Later as we were coming in we saw Achilies Heel anchored out at waities island.

The only excitement of the day was that we thought we had an engine problem at the end of the day..We started the engine and the warning buzzer stayed on and the voltage and oil pressure warning lights stayed on. We killed the engine and Patty went below to see if there was anything she could see on the engine that was obviously wrong. The wind was going pretty good and we were approaching the inlet so it was getting bouncy. I took in about 2/3 of the Jib and about half of the main.. (the main did not want to go into the mast again.. I took and put a little more tension on the main halyard and then pulled it all the way out before trying again and it went in then.