Swimming in the marina :)

Patty dropped her second radio in the water yesterday.

I put fins and a mask on and went looking for it today but it must be one of the lighter ones that the current could drag off. She dropped it in about 9 ft of water so it should have been right there. I spent about 10 minutes doing sweeps under her boat and the dock but did not find it.

At about  10 minutes in the water it went from burning cold  to starting to feel  warmer 🙂 so I knew my time in the water was up. Full on hypothermia is not a good thing to get so i popped out and got dry and then slugged back a big mug of hot apple cider.  I was right as rain in just a couple minutes after that. I also put one of those hand warmers in my shoe, that helped my body warm back up also.

Turks and Caicos (locations) ? and French Key

1st dive of day

max depth 97 ft
bottom time 44 min
100 ft visibility

2nd dive of day
French Key
Pictures of Sharks
same gear
patty took pictures
max depth 78 ft
bottom time 51 min
visibility 100ft
7 min saftey stop
this is dive 82 in log book

Turks and Caicos (locations) Double “D” and Half Mile Reef

Double D
bottom time 54min
max depth 85 ft
6min saftey stop
visibility 100 ft

wall dive

Half Mile Reef
bottom time 48 min
max depth 62ft
visibility 80-50 ft.. got worse into dive

Turks and Caicos (locations) The Anchor and Sand Road

dive one on the Anchor
Wall dive
steve was dive master
same lead and suit.. again good
saw two small rays

was supposed to be a 1800’s anchor from big sailing ship imbeded in coral.. did not see it though… however after looking at pictures I took , I got two excellent shots of it in the cut that we passed through on the way to the wall.
bottom time 51 min
max depth 80ft
5 min saftey stop
visibility 80 to 100 ft

2nd dive
Sand Road

Turks and Caicos (locations) Daves Drop Off and Vincent’s Secret

Daves Drop Off in Turks and Caicos
Wall Dive
bottom under boat at about 35 ft depth.. about 15 yards to wall where it drops off to several thousand feet
max depth 90 ft
bottom time 37 min
visibility 65 ft
4 min safety stop at 20 ft

10lb weights with 3/2 mm us divers suit. was to light and i needed more weight.. salt water body weight 175
took pictures canon s45 no strobe just in camera flash

80 cuft aluminum
2800 psi start
500 psi end

Diving on Sherman with Patty

one dive on sherman with patty as dive buddy
the sherman is about 7 miles off the coast out from little river inlet

55min bottom time
visibility 35ft

Sherman wreck dive out of little river inlet

Dove on the sherman

two dives

bottom time first dive 57 min
max depth 51 ft
average depth 42 ft
air temp 78
water temp 72

dive buddy theresa singleton
steel  100 tanks
maximus 1st stage, scubapro r190 secondstage with full face mask
henderson gold 2 piece suit 5mm

found timex watch and 2 dive weights
lot of barracuda

this was when skippy got killed

2nd dive
bottom time 54 min
max depth 51 ft
average depth 42 ft
air temp 78
water temp 72

BP25 dive out of little river inlet

2 dives on BP25 old oil tanker

1st dive
bottom time 30 min
dive buddys steve and lori
visibility surface 80ft bottom 20ft
max depth 90
average depth 60
air temp 90
surface temp 84
bottom temp 76

maximus regulater setup for DIN
steel 100cuft tank
3400 psi start
2000 psi end
lots of big barracuda, one hanging out with lure hooked in mouth, estimated size 5 ft long
15min saftey stop at 15ft

2nd dive
bottom time 45min
dive buddys steve and lori
surface visibility 60 ft
bottom visibility 15ft
max depth 90
average depth 60
steel 100 tank
start psi 3500
end psi 1500

10 mile tugboat dive

two dives

1st dive
 55min bottom time
49 ft max depth
40 average depth
air temp 85
water temp 76
visibility 25-30 ft
shot big amberjack.. got away
dive master training dive

2nd dive
45 min bottom time
49ft max depth
40 average depth
air temp 85
water temp  76
caught various crabs and soft corel & urchins for fish tank

Lack Jo Casey Dive from boat

dive # 35
bottom time 1 hr 5 min
visibility 20-30 ft
dive time 30 min
dive buddys eric and dustin
max depth 70
average depth 43
air temp 80
water temp surface 70
water temp bottom 61

Waccamaw River behind Brookgreen Gardens

dive #34
dive time 50min
max depth 34 ft
average depth 29
dive buddy billy jackson
air temp 81
water temp 74
visability 2-3 ft.

Waccamaw River behind brokgreen gardens
dove on sunken barge
lots of old bricks and pttery
fond most of a pottery moonshine jug and the necks of two hand blown black glass bottles

semi dry suit and hood, maximus regulator, genises bc, alluminum 80 tank

current mild approx 1 knot
bottom rock and sand
limited visibility dive for advanced OPW

10 mile tugboat dive

Dove on the 10 mile tugboat with billy jackson off of his dive boat.

80 aluminum tank
semi dry suit
air temp 80
water temp 63
dive time 45 min
max depth 51
average depth 45
visability 6-8 ft

approx 2.5 to 3 knot current (maybe not that strong)
saw sheepshead and sea bass, some growth on tug, sand bottom
dive buddys bill and eric