Another Boat seems to be moving in.

Update spring of 2005 Well this one has needed an update for a
while.. The below boat never did get here. I contacted the folks that
wanted it moved a couple times but they were acting for their parents
or something like that and were all over the country and never really
contacted me back… After calling a couple times and them saying they
would arrange for me to go get it I finally just stopped calling.. It
would have been nice but I don’t think they were serious about it. it would have been nice though 🙂

Its very bizare I feel like I have fallen down the rabit hole boats are
being thrown my way on all sides 🙂 A few weeks ago not long after I
got the Gooney Bird from Capt. Len in florida someone who is a friend
of a good friend of mine emailed me saying that she had heard I was
taking in boats 🙂 To make a short story even shorter this lady and her
husband are trying to get rid of a 21 ft Glassmaster walkaround cuddy
cabin boat on a trailer sitting somewhere in NY near long island if I
have that right. It is at her or his parents house and has been sitting
for a long time. I have pictures of it below. All I know is that It has
a Mercury 150 outboard that cranked fine this past spring, the trailer
needs a lot of work but Thomas has said that he will do all that needs
doing there if I come get it. 🙂 sounds like a great deal to me. Anyway
here are some pictures of it.
Not sure when I will be getting it though. When I find out I will
update this. 🙂

Engine on glassmaster

Glassmaster 21 Walkaround Cuddy Cabin

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