How much are you willing to spend on a book?

I have noted in myself what my reaction to pricing in purchasing books seems to be and here is my experience. I think that this is becoming a new norm for readers in general. If a book has good reviews and 250+ pages I won’t really even think about it but will drop 1.99 to 2.99 on it. Call it an impulse buy that I don’t really resist. If it is a second book in series that I like I will normally be willing to drop between 2.99 to 3.99 on it if it is in that 250 to 350 page length. Once the price jumps over 3.99 it has to both have a decent page length of 300+ pages and be something I really really want to read based on reviews, how interested in the idea of the story showing in the blurb, or that it is a sequel to a book I am dying to read the next book. In the last couple years I have just about quit purchasing works by traditionally published books in paper or in digital due to the prices. Even before the advent of the really good indie books at reasonable prices I had been buying less and less books as the prices rose and rose to the point that I simply didn’t want to purchase then even though many of those authors I am die hard fans of. Instead I more and more found them in the library or library book sales. With the advent of digital publishing and the amazon kindle, the availability of samples and reviews to guide one I have had a revolution of sorts in purchasing. I think I spend more money overall than I did before. I’m not sure that financially this is a good thing but I no longer feel upset at spending that amount of money individually on a book. I think I am spending overall more of my income on books.  How do some of the other readers out here feel about their purchasing habits involving books?

Car Thieves

It took me a while to get to where I could write about this. It still leaves me feeling sick, stressed out and enraged.

Friday was Zsanic’s birthday and I took her, my sister and mother to see “Get Smart” at the Coastal Grand Mall In Myrtle Beach, SC. We parked at the far end of the row right in front of the movie theater entrance. Three hours later when we came out my car was gone. Stolen.

It’s a strange feeling, maybe the best description is surreal. Zsanic and my Mother had ridden with me and my sister brought her car. So we walked out of the mall and hugged my sister good bye and then the three of us walked to my car… well where my car had been.. as we were standing there looking for it I didn’t really think “oh my car has been stolen”. Instead it was “I thought my car was here. I must have parked it one row over.” So I walked over a row and looked. No car. I came back and thought real hard about where I had left it and remembered to within a couple of spaces where I thought I had parked it. When I came in to park another car took the first space I was going to park in and I ended up parking a couple spaces down and across from them. It left an impression on all of us in the car about where we had parked. finally after about 10 minutes of searching just in case we were all crazy I admitted to myself that the car had been stolen. 30 minutes later Zsanic was still denying that it could have been stolen. She kept saying “were just looking to hard and missing it”. I can’t deny that emotionally I felt the same way. It just couldn’t have happened therefore I was missing it. Logically though.. well the car had been stolen.

Daisy disapears

Our dog Daisy disapeared thursday evening. (The electric radio fence that normally keeps her in died.. the best we can tell is lightening got it.. it looked as if someone put gun poweder in it and set it off. it blew the cover off and parts everywhere and charred the inside.) She is never gone long when she escapes the yard and she was all night. I spent several hours driving around the roads near here looking and calling for her. It left me with a real hollow feeling wondering what happened to her. Needless to say I didn’t sleep good. I kept getting up through the night and going to the porch and calling for her.

Water Rat’s Philosophy

I love this quote out of   Kenneth Grahame‘s "The Wind in the Willows"

   `This has been a wonderful day!’ said he, as the Rat shoved off and took to the sculls again. `Do you know, I`ve never been in a boat before in all my life.’

`What?’ cried the Rat, open-mouthed: `Never been in a–you never–well I–what have you been doing, then?’

`Is it so nice as all that?’ asked the Mole shyly, though he was quite prepared to believe it as he leant back in his seat and surveyed the cushions, the oars, the rowlocks, and all the fascinating fittings, and felt the boat sway lightly under him.

Bald Head Island

This trip was in july on the 19th – 21st
Tuesday morning brought frantic last minute packing and fixing of stuff on the Sea Puppy. A full days sailing up the coast was planned. Little River Inlet, SC to Bald Head Island, NC. New territory for Patty and I.

I had made the same sail several times both there and back as crew on a Tartan 10 the WeBeJamming. This sail was to be with a more modest boat 🙂 at least in size. At 23.5 ft in length the Sea Puppy is 9 ft 6 inch shorter than the WeBeJamming. However she is a very stout boat for her size and I felt comfortable taking her out on the ocean for this 26 nm sail.

Sailing again :)

Well I’m feeling much better now. Have been out a couple times on my girlfriends F235 sailing with her and we had good time. It’s a sweet boat and my girlfriend is becoming a good sailer 🙂

Jim never did get Webejamming back from southport so he called me last week and we went up this past sunday to pick her up and sail her back down to little river. What a blast…
The motor is dead so we had to sail out of the dock and into the dock at the marinas going and coming. 🙂 it was impressive 🙂 we did it very very smooth….

Another Boat seems to be moving in.

Update spring of 2005 Well this one has needed an update for a
while.. The below boat never did get here. I contacted the folks that
wanted it moved a couple times but they were acting for their parents
or something like that and were all over the country and never really
contacted me back… After calling a couple times and them saying they
would arrange for me to go get it I finally just stopped calling.. It
would have been nice but I don’t think they were serious about it. it would have been nice though 🙂

Migrated to new server hardware

Well you might have noticed that things were not working for a little while yesterday evening or not working quite right. 🙂

Joe and I moved my websites from one older 128 meg of ram 600 mhz celeron system that they have been running on for the last year or two to two athlon 1400 with 512 megs of ram systems with much bigger hard drives. Everything is running much faster now. However some stuff is still broken or we are finding differences that are affecting functionality. The old system was highly customized and we are gradually tweaking the new servers to match the old configuration while also moving to the latest versions of the various services we are running. A few services are still being run off the old system till we can shift them safely over.