Santana 21 Glidden paint Job

In the fall of 2003 I painted my Shock Santana 21 topsides with Glidden porch and deck paint from Lowes or Home Depot.. I forget which. I used a fine roller and for the non skid areas added the non-skid powder they sold there for a couple bucks a pack. I mixed it into the paint before rolling it on. This seemed to work well and the finish was sand paper non skidish 🙂 Here is the link to the original post when I painted her. I recently got a comment from a new Shock Santana 21 owner and in a followup email he asked me how the paint had stood up.

Here are a few pictures of an area on Comes Around Goes Around that I just walked out and scrubbed off a few minutes ago to see how the paint was doing. Under a couple years worth of accumulated grime from sitting out in the weather in the yard near a pine tree and in full sun the paint didn’t look to bad for 16$ a gallon paint thats been on there for four years with no care taken of it. I had put two coats on and the second coat had a fair number of flaking bits coming off the first coat over the non-skid but the first coat is still adhering the the original blue paint that was on the non skid very well with no flaking. I think the problem must be an application error on my part with the second coat.





Here are some pictures of it not long after I painted her.






Last and least is how she looked when I got her




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  • I was watching hits on my weblog and found this link where someone had been searching for glidden paint on topsides of boats on google. In looking at their search I found this other forum where someone had used it.. I’m going to copy their comment here..

    greg klein
    hotsprings, arkansas
    Boat Name: wee zee
    Model/Year: 1976
    Hull No. 6130
    05/25/2006 9:25 PM Pacific Time
    i painted the deck of my boat with glidden porch and floor oil polyurethane. i wiped the whole deck down with tsp and didnt do any sanding. this paint states on the can for boat decks and i contacted glidden and they said it would work. i have had it on now for almost 3 years and it has held up better for me than esypoxy or brightside. and it is less than 20.00 a gallon. it hasnot chipped, peeled, or faded and cleans up nicely

  • Mark Neinast


    I just picked up a Santana 21 and am beginning to restore it. When you painted your boat with the Glidden paint, was it just the deck or did you paint the hull topsides with it too? If you could send me an email, I would appreciate it.


  • Mark,

    Just the deck. I don’t think I would use it on the hull. I would probably go ahead and use a regular 2 part polyurathane and roll and tip the topsides or if I had the equipment and knew how spray them.

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