New Camera Canon A640

Well as I’ve said in the last couple posts I have lost or have had stolen from me my old canon s45 digital camera. I paid 400+ dollars for it new 5+ years ago and have taken more than 10,000 images with it. It has been an awesome camera to use. With exceptional image quality and long battery life it met and exceeded my expectations from when I got it.

Because I have enjoyed my previous canon cameras so much I have been looking at some of their cameras that came out this past year or so and finally got one. I went for the Canon A640 10mp camera. I found one at Costco for 299 bundled with a canon picture printer. I still have to get the underwater housing when I can afford it.

So far I am impressed with the camera. The batteries lasted for about 400 pictures and me playing with the camera and all its settings for hours on end and playing back video and pictures. I also found a bunch of 1800 mah and 2700 mah AA NiMh batteries and charger that I bought a while back but hadn’t used. I charged some up and tested them in the camera 🙂 The picture quality is impressive also.

Here are some pictures I have taken today. To see them at full resolution right click on the image and choose view image. These are all cropped so the download size ranges from a few hundred kb to just under 2 meg. The full images ranged from 2 meg to 4 meg in size.

Lizard I stalked and captured with the camera

Little wasp I found

Are beetles allowed to do this in public?

One of the worlds (well at least my worlds) favorite cats 🙂 Go Ivan

Hmm now thats a stare 🙂

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