Tohatsu outboard problems

I worked with tohatsu on the height of the mount. no difference. I measured it and it ended up only being about 1 and 1/4 inch lower than stock.

Got back with tohatsu yesterday and they are stumped. They think the boat is two big for the engine and that is why the rpms are running 1200 rpm under nominal . Nominal being according to them 5500 rpm. They are sending me free of charge a 6 pitch prop to test and see what that does. They agree that I am not getting 6hp at the prop if im not getting 5500 rpm but I can tell they want to say it is because the boat is to big/heavy.

I have a new theory. The engine cranks and runs fine if it is a given that it is supposed to vibrate like it does. It produces just a little less power at the prop than the old engine. everyone I have talked to including tohatsu says that 4 strokes run just a slight bit weaker than a comparable 2 stroke. What if this engine just ended up accidentally having the jets for a 4hp version instead of 6 hp version installed. there is no physical difference in the 4hp/5hp/6hp engines other than how the carb is jetted. It would be consistent with everything that has been said and observed.

Anyway that is where it stands right now. I was going to return the engine this week but tohatsu offering to send the prop got me to agree to test that and see what the results are.

So far

  • I am happy with the customer service from tohatsu USA and Vic who I have delt with there.
  • I am unhappy with as they have not responded to my last request for help at all.
  • Based on Jons (from forums) experience i think this engine is a great price/weight/power option for our boats.
  • The fuel economy on this engine is awesome. I am getting 6+ hours of runtime on 2.5 gallons of fuel at WOT.
  • I think my experience with this engine is probably atypical and that there is an issue with this specific engine.
  • Either it is jetted wrong
  • or something is wrong with the electronic ignition advance at the top end.

Jon on the forums speaks up for being friendly and helpful with his purchases. Actually here is a quote “I had great friendly service from them, both with the purchase of the outboard & the prop.” (I thought I would add this in just to be fair.)

I posted this back

“They were not friendly or unfriendly when I called them with the problem. I got them the information they asked for and then they dropped off the face of the earth. I have not badgered them so It is possible that in general they are not like this but just dropped the ball on this one. I have been working directly with tohatsu USA because I got a better vibe and response from them. If I return the engine it will be to and I guess I will find out if it was a fluke or what by how they respond. ”

 “I would recommend buying from if you purchase online. They are within a few dollars price wise and miles better with support/attitude. I had a list of several online merchants I had priced when looking for this engine and when I started to have problems I called their number by accident. we quickly sorted out that I hadn’t purchased from them but the service guy there was really friendly and spent some time giving me advice even after we found out they had not sold the engine to me. I mentioned to Vic at tohatsu how helpful they were to me even though they hadn’t sold me the engine and he said they were a good company and that he had worked with them before on stuff.”

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