Weekend on the water

This past weekend Miriam came down and we took Sea Puppy out saturday afternoon and went and rafted up with Orrin and Angela on La Bon Vie and Ben and Susan on Winds of Freedom. What an awesome evening. The company was great and everyone contributed some food to be cooked and the six of us had more food than we could eat. Tilapia, salmon and steak on the grill. Wokked vegitables, Asparagus, and more.

After dinner everyone unrafted and we each anchored separately. As always I got a great nights sleep on the water.

NC/SC Govenors Cup

We we raced Saturday in the NC/SC Governors cup and placed 2nd in cruising class. What that means is that Al who I whupped up on a week before racing whupped up on me two races in a row 🙂  The other boat racing in cruising had to turn back before the start of the races as they lost all electrical power and couldn’t turn their engine off because they wouldn’t have been able to get it started again.

I forgot my camera so there are no pictures to share until Mathew  gets me some of the ones he took while we were out there. Mathew and Chapel graciously came aboard at the last minute to be crew for me so that I wouldn’t have to race alone 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed their company for the day 🙂

Memorial Day Weekend Sunday

Sunday morning I halfway had decided to head in but got a call from Patty and Jeff and ended up following them out. I was still weighing anchor when they got out on the ocean but after a long light wind chase caught up to them a few miles out. 🙂 its really cool when I can catch a Beneteau 323 🙂

Before leaving I took a few pictures of My Annie while some pelicans flew by

Memorial Day Weekend Saturday Racing

Saturday morning was beautiful also.. With the sun rising over Bird Island.


By 9am I was out on the ocean sailing.. I went out a couple miles and then back to make the 11 am start for the race. In racing class were Tenor the new beneteau 10R and TeeSzu. In Cruising class were Runnaway, Sea Puppy and Achilles Heel.

I had a really good day racing. I hit the start just right and sailed well against Runnaway and Achilles Heel. Unfortunately Runaway had to DNF and go back in before they finished the race. I think I would have beat them but at the point they turned around at they were only about a minute behind me. Unusually, I ran away from Achilles Heel on the upwind leg of the race, as normal I rapidly opened up the distance even more on the downwind leg. On a 4 mile course I owe them 4 minutes but since I came in about 9 minutes ahead of them I think I won that one 🙂 Normally once the handicap is taken into account Achilles Heel has historically run really close to me with us passing each other in the standings on a regular basis.

Memorial Day Weekend Friday

I took sea puppy out Friday after getting the new 6 hp engine back on her. It still lacks power compared to the old 4hp 2stroke. It was nice a calm on the water friday afternoon and evening. There were only 5 or 6 boats anchored out behind Bird Island for the evening.

The sunset was spectacular. 🙂


Saturday Sailing

I took Sea Puppy out by myself today. It is the first time I have used the new engine to run to the inlet and back.. I will put up a updated review of it in a day or so so check back.

Winds were running about 10 knots I think. I sailed beside Pirate Girl Patty’s Beneteau 323 most of the day and hung with them speed wise. I averaged 5.5 t 6 knots on the knotmeter. I think the fully battened mainsail is helping a lot. With the foot pocket eased she generates a fair amount of power in this wind range.

Breaking in new engine day three

I have finished the break in period… I took the boat out again with Patty and Jeff after running it for a while at the dock to finish up the break in period. I don’t know if something is wrong with the engine or what but it doesnt perform as strongly as my old 4hp 2 stroke. It also has a lot of vibration. I have talked with tohatsu and am going to take it into the local service center and let them take a look at it. The guy at tohatsu said if it isn’t getting up to the top end rpms it is supposed to be then it could be the timing advance having problems in the electronic ignition. They have seen this before. Or that I possibly need to get a lower pitched prop. The one on there is a 7.7 inch 8 pitch prop. I can go down all the way to a 7.9 inch prop with a 6 pitch.
here is a video of the engine running at the dock.

Breaking in new engine day two

I ran the engine for several hours on saturday when me and Miriam put it on the boat. Today I ran it for a few more hours and even took the boat out and ran it up and down the water way for a bit. I have been carefull to follow the breakin scheadule and rpm constraints.

other related posts

2007 Spring Regatta

Went out today for the spring regatta. Not many people showed up. Only 3 boats went out. Me on Sea Puppy, Angela on Valkyr and Jerry took out L.C. Marie. It was really light and shifty winds. We were supposed to head down the beach and run past the Cherry Grove Pier but we were basicaly sitting dead in the water for a long time. By the time the winds started to pick up, Tina the young lady that came out with us on sea puppy was sea sick… Another case of a sick puppy on sea puppy. I turned around and went back to the inlet. Once we were off the ocean and back on flat water she felt fine.

2007 April 22 at anchor

This morning I got up and had a nice mug of tea sitting in the cockpit. I got to watch the excitement as a trawler that was anchored near me through the night got stuck on the sand bar near the entrance from the ICW. The Boats US tow boat was out there pulling him off. Actually last night there was another powerboat stuck in the same place that got towed off. I figure based on those two incidences that they make a fortune pulling people that get stuck there off. It’s very shallow accross most of the entrance other than a narrow not well marked just shallow channel.

2007 April 21 on the water

I took Sea Puppy out today. I was pretty tired and decided not to sail. I motored to the calabash anchorage and dropped anchor. Spent the evening kicked back in the cockpit reading.. It was really nice and peacefull, something I need to do more often.

I ran the anchor light all night and the drain on the battery was minimal. The led bulbs are still working fine.

First Race of 2007 season

I took sea puppy out with a new crew member today for the first race. Elizebeth did great.. She didn’t get sea sick and was handling lines and helping by the end of the day.
We really didn’t put a huge ammount of effort into the  two races but we took 2nd place in both. We also did very well off the start line both races.