Locked Out!

You ever have one of those slow motion moments of disaster? Where you see it coming and your going “Noooooooooo!!!”, but it happens anyway. That was me today.

I had stopped at the Kwiki Oil Lube to get the oil changed on my van. After changing the oil they always ask you to start the engine and let it run for a min or two while it is sitting there over the pit. So, when asked, I reach in and turn the engine on and step back to the front of the van.

The thing about my van is that the after market remote lock system, when you crank the van, automatically locks the doors. So it is sitting there running and I had left the drivers door sitting open. Trust me I know my van… I always leave a door open or a window open so I can get back in. I’ve locked myself out before.. lol.. Maybe I shouldn’t tell on myself but, well, it has happened.

Server Down Again

This has got to be the server month from hell!!!

Not 3 or 4 days after getting the server back online from the DOS attack but the motherboard in it looks like it died (It had been running without being rebooted 745 days 🙂 Go linux.. It has been down for the last 2 days from this. Today we spent 6 hours swaping out the old server for a new one and copying the hard drive on to a new one to use as the primary boot drive. The new server and hard drive though not “new” should be a bit faster as the CPU is about 30% faster and it has double the ram now with one gig of memory. Also the new new hard drive is a 7200 rpm 8meg cache drive running at 59megs a second throughput. This is probably 5 times what the old drive was doing.. We found after the fact that DMA was probably not enable for the hard drive on the old server.. To be honest it probably didn’t matter as it was still much much faster than the available bandwidth for pushing content over the internet.

Server internet connection down

I appologize to everyone that my website has been down for the last week. One of the other websites on my server got targeted for a DOS attack.. The attacker did a pretty good job of it. He couldn’t hurt the server but he was able to crash road runners gateway for the network. Between the attacker and Road Runners slow responce time it left me without an ip address for my server for about 8 days. Sadly I would have to rate the attacker as more competent than road runner support. On a bussiness class roadrunner account, and not a base account at that, they really were not that excited about helping us. Last thursday they were not responding to calls to their support center and saturday till this morning they also were unavailable. How do you provide a business class mission critical service if they  wont even answer the phones and tell you  we won’t be available for you when your down. The two lower end techs I delt with were nice but pretty unreliable about calling back when they said they would. They were as far up the food chain as I could get on the phone.. According to them the guys that I really needed to talk to don’t talk to customers and they had to relay all communications to them.

Why Junk Mail Could be a Good Thing

I was talking With Miriam last night and I was telling her about the email spammer in England and one here in the US that a bunch of hackers signed up for hundreds and maybe thousands of catalogs, information requests etc. The end result being that they got so much mail through the postal service that they couldn’t find the mail that was legitimate… Sort of a real world mail denial of service attack. Well Miriam thought that was pretty funny and in turn she remembered a story of a guy years ago that burned his junk mail in his wood burning stove in the house. Which suddenly made me think about the implications.
It was like a light bulb going off 🙂 you know junk mail is free…. what if you turned it from an annoyance and liability to a positive benefit.  What if you could just feed your junk mail to a big shredder that spit out little logs of bailed paper at the other end.. kinda like a hay bailer.

Kitty Kat Has a Home

Well I think it is official. The kitten from my Kitty Kat Crazyness story is still here. I finaly found a name for her as no one else had thought of one anyone was willing to call her.. After watching her for weeks it became obvious what her name was 🙂


she is a pounce 🙂 for shure 🙂


Update on the chain hoist

Well finally with some help, I drug out the chain hoist frame and welded it back together on friday morning and then on monday afternoon we took the van and pulled up upright.. there are still two welds to do and it needs to be painted around the welds and where we ground the paint off for the welders ground connnection but it is basically ready to go into use..

here are some pictures of welding it up and pulling it upright


New Cat In Town

Nancy brought home a kitten friday “just until she can find a home for it”.. however it now has a name “Lucy” and there are kitten toys mysteriously appearing.. so what do you think the odds of a home appearing are?

She has already moved into my territory…


It was funny this evening.. my mom and sister are complaining that the kitten wont leave them alone when they are eating. it keeps trying to get to the food.. They have been locking up when they eat.. I sat down with a plate of food after they had eaten and the kitten was back out. It made a beeline for my plate.. I growled at it once and it didn’t bother me again. It just told them you have to know how to talk to it.

The Big Bet

Ok so Patty starts talking shit to me after two glasses of wine.. I just want everyone to know that she forced me into this bet so that when I take her money no one thinks I took advantage… She hounded me for 10 minutes and even called me a sissy… so here are the three bets.

First bet was that Jeb bush would win the next election. Patty is convinced the fix is in and he will run and win.. So the bet is that she thinks he will be next president and I say he won’t. amount of bet $5.00
actually I doubt he will even run.

mystery float #2

Breck brought his bass boat out

and we motored over to my slip in cokina harbor from the public landing over by Poo’s. We then rigged a harness for the float(the one me and steve went and got the other evening) and got it out from where it was tied floating behind Sea Puppy and took it in tow with breck’s boat. It only took about 20 minutes to take it to the public landing and floated it onto my trailer.. 🙂 actaully a fairly easy job… though we somehow got it crosswise on the trailor the first time and it lodged above the bunkerboards instead of between them… very weird… we just backed the trailor back into the water and refloated it and tried again..again there a couple of pictres of it on the trailor after we got it out of the water but I haven’t uploaded them to the web yet.

Daisy disapears

Our dog Daisy disapeared thursday evening. (The electric radio fence that normally keeps her in died.. the best we can tell is lightening got it.. it looked as if someone put gun poweder in it and set it off. it blew the cover off and parts everywhere and charred the inside.) She is never gone long when she escapes the yard and she was all night. I spent several hours driving around the roads near here looking and calling for her. It left me with a real hollow feeling wondering what happened to her. Needless to say I didn’t sleep good. I kept getting up through the night and going to the porch and calling for her.

Water Rat’s Philosophy

I love this quote out of   Kenneth Grahame‘s "The Wind in the Willows"

   `This has been a wonderful day!’ said he, as the Rat shoved off and took to the sculls again. `Do you know, I`ve never been in a boat before in all my life.’

`What?’ cried the Rat, open-mouthed: `Never been in a–you never–well I–what have you been doing, then?’

`Is it so nice as all that?’ asked the Mole shyly, though he was quite prepared to believe it as he leant back in his seat and surveyed the cushions, the oars, the rowlocks, and all the fascinating fittings, and felt the boat sway lightly under him.

Got Coast Guard Aux Saftey inspection for Sea Puppy

I recently took one of the safe boating courses to get a bit of a discount on my insurance and through that had one of the Coast Guard Auxillary members come do a safety inspection of Sea Puppy today…  Sea Puppy passed with flying colors and now bears her 2006 sticker saying she is a safe boat 🙂
The only thing that wasn’t right was the valves on the holding tank and head.. Neither of them are capable of being locked when inshore of the 3 mile limit which is illegal. In consultation with the Coast  Guard Auxillary inspector we came up with and I implemented a legal system to lock the thru hull at the head and the Y valve at the holding tank…